Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Train of Thought Lounge – Nujabes

Greetings friends.  This week we have seen America acting at its worse, had our hearts ripped out while witnessing the end of an era for local sports, and witnessed the historic passage of President Obama’s health care plan.

Tired?  Exhausted?  Just need to chill and relax?

I give to you the Train of Thought Lounge, in honor of Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ Jun Seba, who recently passed away in a car accident.  Seba worked under the name Nujabes, and may be best known for his work in the Samurai Champloo series. 

This track comes off his Modal Soul Classics album, which contains songs that inspired Nujabes’ work. The lounge presents Scott Matelic’s To Impress the Empress.



  1. any thoughts on setting up an mp3 player for all the songs featured in ToT lounge?

  2. That's not a bad idea, I'll look into it.

    Any thoughts fellow contributors?