Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poll: Americans Have No Idea What's Up

A USA Today/Gallup poll has revealed that Americans basically have no idea what's going on, and aren't afraid to base conclusions on their admittedly confused notions of the healthcare reform endgame. From the poll:

-50% said passing the bill was a "bad thing"
-47% said it was a good thing

Regarding the recent violence:

-49% said the "Democratic tactics" are a "major reason" for the violent incidents
-46% said conservative media is responsible
-43% blamed the attacks on Republican political leaders


-53% called passage of HCR "an abuse of power" by the majority Democrats
-65% said the bill "will expand the government's role too much"
-51% said "it doesn't go far enough in regulating the health care industry"
-58% said it should have included a public option.

Cool, looks like the conservative disinformation campaign is unfolding perfectly. I think my favorite part is the notion that passing a bill with a majority of both houses is somehow an abuse of power by the Democrats- what's yours?


  1. I like "65% said the bill "will expand the government's role too much" combined with "58% said it should have included a public option."

    It's good that there were some people who thought it expanded the government's role too much, yet also supported what would have been the only legitimately major expansion of government in the bill.

  2. i just want my tiny american flag

  3. So something on the order of 50% of the country does not know what its opinion is...