Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Train of Thought Lounge: Broken Bells

Yesterday I just happened to be looking at the wikipedia page for Dangermouse when I noticed that he has a new album listed... that's coming out today. I'm completely unsure about how this could have sneaked past all of us, but he's formed a new band with the singer from the Shins, called Broken Bells. Here's the only song they've made a video for yet- not even the best song on the album, IMO:


  1. btw how much does vevo suck? it's like youtube but it pretty much always has an advertisement first, and it doesnt have any embed options so we're stuck with the right side of the video being chopped off. thanks, vevo.

  2. After you told me about this yesterday I left it downloading last night and should have it when I get home.

    Vevo is awful, it's like 2010's version of real player.