Monday, March 22, 2010

Teabaggers Being Teabaggers

Filled with racists and homophobes, but you knew that already:
Tea partiers and other anti-health care activists are known to get rowdy, but today's protest on Capitol Hill--the day before the House is set to vote on historic health care legislation--went beyond the usual chanting and controversial signs, and veered into ugly bigotry and intimidation.

Civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Andre Carson (D-IN) related a particularly jarring encounter with a large crowd of protesters screaming "kill the bill"... and punctuating their chants with the word "nigger."

Standing next to Lewis, emerging from a Democratic caucus meeting with President Obama, Carson said people in the crowd yelled, "kill the bill and then the N-word" several times, while he and Lewis were exiting the Cannon House office building.
. . .
And that wasn't an isolated incident. Early this afternoon, standing outside a Democratic whip meeting in the Longworth House office building, I watched Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) make his way out the door, en route to the neighboring Rayburn building. As he rounded the corner toward the exit, wading through a huge crowd of tea partiers and other health care protesters, an elderly white man screamed "Barney, you faggot"--a line that caused dozens of his confederates to erupt in laughter.
This isn't anything new, but I post it because the coverage these assholes get in the mainstream media portrays them as political activists with ideological disagreements with the legislation. And there may very well be a few of them may fit that description.

The problem is that quite a few teabaggers are crazy people that either are bigots themselves or seem perfectly fine with the bigots that also claim membership to their "movement". Again, not that any of this stuff is news, it would be nice if more people with mainstream media microphones would point this out.

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