Friday, March 12, 2010

Sen. Dodd Decides to Rejoin the Real World

After months of pointless negotiations with Republican Bob Corker, Chris Dodd has apparently decided to write his own bill and give up on his bipartisan quest for bullshit financial reform:
“On Monday, I will present to my colleagues a substitute to the original financial reform package, unveiled last November.”

“Over the last few months, Banking Committee members have worked together to try and produce a consensus package. Together we have made significant progress and resolved a many of the items, but a few outstanding issues remain.”

“It has always been my goal to produce a consensus package. And we have reached a point where bringing the bill to the full committee is the best course of action to achieve that end. I plan to hold a full committee markup the week of March 22nd.”

“I have been fortunate to have a strong partner in Senator Corker, and my new proposal will reflect his input and the good work done by many of our colleagues as well.”
Glad that he's breaking off the negotiations, although I hope he doesn't actually mean that his proposal will include Corker's input. As atrios points out, this is where Democrats don't seem to understand the basics of negotiation. You add a few of his shitty ideas in exchange for something. You don't win any points by adding Republican ideas for the sake of doing it. Preemptively making your bills shitty in order to please people who will never actually support your legislation has become the hallmark of Democratic governance, and one look at their legislative record so far should tell you how successful that's been.

So props to Chris Dodd for figuring this out 9 months faster than Max Baucus and Barack Obama did, and hopefully this bill will be in much better shape as a result.


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  2. I think Dodd gets a bunch of free political capital if he includes corkers ideas, which is clearly highly desirable because the politician with the most political capital at the end of the year gets a free ***** *********.

  3. get's to tickle one of their co-workers until they can't breathe?