Monday, March 8, 2010

Introducing Train Action

Ranting about how much certain members of congress suck is all well and good, but we've been looking for more ways to increase the activism on the blog.

Train Action will be a clearinghouse of candidates endorsed by the blog, ones that we feel are worthy of sending a few dollars to help their cause. If you feel the urge to donate, doing so though our site will allow us to see how much Train readers raised for a certain candidate.

I've never given a sizable amount to a candidate (I think $20, multiple times to Donna Edwards is my record), and there's no pressure to do so (my job as a low level cog in a labor union hardly gives me that kind of income, either). But in the current era of fund-raising, a few contributions of 5 or 10 dollars can make a huge difference in boosting a candidate's ability to get more money from the people who actually do make those 100 and 500 dollar donations.

The nuts and bolts of this effort will be done by Act Blue, which is a great site that exists for the purpose of allowing site's like ours do things that are out of our league technical ability wise.

We'll be introducing our first candidates soon, and we're open to suggestions. Let me know if you have any questions/ideas suggestions in the comments, or at thetrainofthought @


  1. $20 to Al Franken and $10 to Obama, damn I'm cheap

  2. Haha, not at all!

    I think I only sent 10 to Franken, but his actions in shedding light to the KGB rape case have already made our contributions well worthwhile.

  3. Wait, the KBR rape case, or has Franken transcended beyond the boundaries of our nation and begun pursuing rapists across the globe?

    Anyways great to see Train Action up. Just about time to file our papers for the 527 group...

  4. Haha, Franken would have been worth far larger contributions if he had transcended national borders and time to prosecute KGB rape!

    Excited about the new page system, (page currently exists, but is in blogger netherworld until I post a link and finish editing).

    Hopefully I'll have it up tonight, with the announcement of our first candidate.

    Hint: His name rhymes with "Fuck Blanche Lincoln"

  5. I'd nominate Bernie Sanders, but I think the man runs unopposed for all intents and purposes. I've heard him called "the only democratic senator," which is hilarious because he's not.