Thursday, March 18, 2010

DC Mascot Madness

Over at WTTG Fox 5, local area mascots are going head to head for the title of DC Mascot Champion.  The game is Old School bball; single game, single shot elimination. 

Personally, I’m hoping for a Talon (DC United Mascot) v. Slapshot (Capitals Mascot) Final, but G-Wiz is just so goofy looking I can’t help but cheer for it.

And can anyone tell me just wh0 the Dinosaur wearing the baseball cap is supposed to represent?



  1. haha so g-wiz rubs screech's hat on his ass and screech beats the shit out of g-wiz. what exactly were we supposed to take away from that?

  2. The dinosaur is T-Rec (!) from the Montgomery Co. Parks and Recreation (!!)