Monday, June 16, 2008

To Russert, with love

Tim Russert was everything I aspire to be as a journalist, and more. The outpouring over the weekend speaks to why he was so good at his job. Russert just gave off the sense that he would be just as personable face-to-face as he seemed to be on television. He seemed like the kind of guy that could be your friend if you met him in real life, while simultaneously treating his job with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Many of his colleagues have spoken about his dedication and passion for political journalism, both of which shined through whenever he was on. 

Simply put, Tim Russert was a damn good journalist, and evidently an even better human being.

Another reason it was so easy for me to identify with Russert was his passion for sports, which he would frequently mention during important political coverage (how gangsta!). Born and raised in South Buffalo, he loved the Bills and constantly repped them to the fullest. Not only that, but living in Washington, he adopted the re-born Nationals as his own and was a season ticketholder of theirs and the Wizards. 

As linked to on Japers' Rink, here is one of his signature sports-related sign-offs on Meet The Press that held a particularly special place in my heart.

I'm gonna miss you, Tim.

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