Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The icing on the cake

Nancy Pelosi, who as speaker of the house, allowed this bill to be voted on, now says this to the senate:

"It would be healthy if (the public) heard more about it... even if the resolution is the same," Pelosi said, when asked by reporters whether she thinks Senate Democrats, including Sen. Barack Obama, should filibuster the legislation updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as it heads to the Senate floor this week.

What a fucking coward, she has the power to stop this bill dead as speaker of the house, refuses to act, but then calls on the senate to fillibuster when it would be extremely difficult to pull off, especially when you consider that she could have killed the bill by simply saying so. Then in an even bigger dick move, she throws Obama under the bus even though he supported the bill! Good luck trying to this one out Barack! I might have an ounce of sympathy for you if you weren't sleeping in the bed you made.

The bulk of the blame here is squarely on Hoyer, Pelosi and Obama. Hoyer, because he did the deal, Pelosi and Obama because they were the only two individuals who could have stopped it. Enjoy the mess you've made, fuckers.

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