Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our long national nightmare is finally over!

Hillary Clinton's campaign for the democratic nomination is officially coming to an end. After her gracious performance on Tuesday night where she attempted to undermine the validity Obama's victory, she has apparently come to her senses and will endorse him on Saturday. Or was forced to her senses by her non-lunatic supporters:

... [A]nd to add to what Andrea was just talking about, there was another conference call involving senators, eight senators who were supporters of Hillary's, very hard core supporters of Hillary Clinton's.

And here's the added wrinkle to it: they were urged to assemble that conference call and to speak frankly to Hillary by some of the top strategists around Hillary -- I can't use the names -- but people you would associate with a hard-line defense of Hillary's position, who called the Senate and said "Look. You guys are Hillary's strongest supporters -- you gals also. Get in there and tell her to get out."

And we're talking about senators such as Barbara Mikulski, and Ben -- and Senator Nelson, and even Chuck Schumer, and others were reached out to by people around Hillary, strategists who said "You've got to get to her and get her out of this thing." And that's what they accomplished by this afternoon, so she will do it on Friday, she will get out of the race -- suspend, use whatever word you want -- but more important, endorse Barack Obama.

Wow, a class act till the end. Well at least John Cole(political blogger and Pittsburgh Penguins fan) isn't giving up the fight:

Dear Red Wings,

I want to congratulate you on the great race you have run, and it was an honor competing against you in the Stanley Cup. However, I want you to know that a lot of Penguins fans, in the millions, all over the country, supported us this season, and I am just not ready to make a decision tonight. Also, I would like to point out that we performed much better in our home games, and thus the away game structure of the Detroit games were systematically unfair. I would like all our fans to go to our web site and tell us what they think we should do.

A lot of pundits are asking, what does Sidney Crosby want? Well, I will tell you. A few more assists, maybe a hat trick or two, but most of all, some respect for the fans. So while it was fun playing against you, we need some time to think, and I think in the interest of fairness, we may need to play another game to really settle this.

*** Update ***

I would like to note we are open to talks about being Vice-Stanley Cup winners.

On to game 7!


  1. absolutely classic! that penguins blogger hit the nail right on the head (did i really just type that???). also, the graphic reminds me of the bit on Conan when they stamp "ASS" across someone's face. either could apply here.

  2. Well, now we'll know more on the"other side". I guess, that this would be an interesting period for as.