Monday, June 30, 2008

Possible FISA Actions

Most of you have probably heard of at least one of these. But just in case, here are a couple of ways to express your displeasure at Obama's support for the FISA amendment:

- Join the growing (currently 5002 members) group called Senator Obama - Please Vote Against FISA. You do have to join my.barackobama to get in on the group, though that was something I had been meaning to do anyway. (NB: You may, however, want to opt out of, or receive in daily digest form, the group's extremely active LISTSERV. The box for that is located at the bottom right of the group's page.)

- Sign this online petition, currently 1229 strong, which urges the following of Obama:
1) That you speak out against the bill in its entirety and encourage other Senators to vote against it when it comes up for a vote in the Senate next week.
2) That when called to vote on the FISA Bill, that you vote against it in its entirety.

My guess is that the my.barackobama group will have more of a chance of having any effect at all, as it already has larger numbers, works within Obama's own system, and is more difficult to do. May as well do both, though, if it's an issue you care about.

Thanks, Helen

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  1. Awesome, thanks so much for posting this, Nick and Helen. I'm now a member, and I'm in the group.

    As a sort of next step, adding activist components to the site is something where I've really dropped the ball. That will change in the future and thank you guys for kicking things off.