Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet the Press: how low can you go?

Wonder why our political discourse is so fucked up? Your Sunday round table on Meet the Press, arguably the most influential political show in the country:
  • Mary Matalin: Republican consultant, most recently worked for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.
  • Mike Murphy: Republican consultant who don't know much about.
  • James Carville: Unabashed Hillary Clinton supporter who dropped this gem during the broadcast: "It's also fair to say this is probably the best, most courageous toughest presidential candidate that we're ever seen anywhere, anyplace in our lifetimes, OK?"
  • Bob Shrum: Professional loser of presidential campaigns, most recently John Kerry's loss in 2004.
It was good to see a panel with diverse opinions: one conservative republican, one hack republican(not sure where Murphy ranks), and two moderate DLCdemocrats. Well, it's a good thing they had plenty to agree on, you wouldn't want to get into a debate or anything like that. With minds like Bob Shurm and James Carville discussing what's best for the democratic nominee, who can we lose?

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