Friday, April 18, 2008

NBA Playoff Predictions

So my nba pre-season picks weren't exactly on point, but it's not like that was gonna stop me from giving a go at the playoffs, so here it is:

Round 1
Boston over Atlanta in 5
Philadelphia over Detroit in 7
Orlando over Toronto in 7
Washington over Cleveland in 6.

East Semis
Boston over Washington in 6
Orlando over Philadelphia in 6

East Finals
Boston over Orlando in 6

Round 1
L.A over Denver in 6
New Orleans over Dallas in 6
Phoenix over San Antonio in 7
Utah over Houston in 6

Western Semis
L.A. over Utah in 7
Phoenix over N.O. in 6

Western Finals
Phoenix over L.A. in 7

NBA Finals

Phoenix over Boston in 7
MVP: Amare Stoudemire

The biggest surprise here isn't that I picked Philly to beat Detroit, it's that I would pick the city of Philadelphia to do something well ever again after the garbage they've given us over the past 3 days. A win over the caps on Tuesday, a disgrace of a debate on Wednesday, and then a completely undeserved spirit crushing 2OT win over the caps on Thursday. Seriously, has there ever been a city that produced more disgusting acts in such a short period of time? Ughh. Oh yeah, and for the record, will somebody please wrap Danny Briere's spine around the crossbar next time he tries to touch Huet in front of net? Brash? Erskine? Thanks. Oh yeah, and speaking of Brashear, if you're like me and were thrilled to find out that he has an NBA playoffs Pool, here's the link.

Lets see your picks in the comments... the winner gets a mystery prize!


  1. eh what the hell, here goes:

    Wizards over Cavaliers in 6
    Celtics over Hawks in 4
    Magic over Raptors in 5
    Pistons over Sixers in 6

    Celtics over Wizards in 5
    Pistons over Magic in 7

    Celtics over Pistons in 6

    Lakers over Nuggets in 6
    Suns over Spurs in 7
    Hornets over Mavericks in 5
    Jazz over Rockets in 5

    Lakers over Jazz in 7
    Suns over Hornets in 7

    Suns over Lakers in 6

    Celtics over Suns in 5
    Finals MVP: Paul Pierce

    suck on that! GO WIZARDS!!!

  2. I know it's a little late (and possibly giving me the advantage of watching two days of basketball), but here we go:

    East 1st Round

    Celtics over Hawks in 7
    Magic over Raptors in 6
    Pistons over Sixers in 6
    Cavs over Wizards in 6 (you haven't stopped Lebron the last two years, it won't happen this year)

    East Semis

    Celtics over Cavs in 7
    Pistons over Magic in 7

    East Finals

    Celtics over Pistons in 7

    West 1st Round

    Lakers over Nuggets in 5
    Spurs over Suns in 7
    Mavs over Hornets in 7
    Jazz over Rockets in 6

    West Semis
    Lakers over Jazz in 7
    Spurs over Mavs in 6

    West Finals
    Lakers over Spurs in 6


    Lakers over Celtics in 7
    Finals MVP: Pau Gasol

    As much as I hate the Lakers, I don't see another team matching their quality depth. Plus Gasol and Kobe are hard matchups for pretty much anyone. And I can't see a team coached by Doc Rivers ever winning a title.

  3. Oops, I meant Celtics over Hawks in 4

  4. L, if I were making a bet right now, I gotta say I agree. The Lakers are going to be really tough to beat, and it's definitely my heart (And blinding rage towards Chris Wallace) picking the suns. And the thought that they're doing this without Bynum is really frightening.

    And as for doc, it didn't stop Bill Self from taking those bitches to the title game! Why can't doc do the same? And by the way, I'm surprised you haven't given yourself the credit you deserve for winning Kansas a national title. Once the word gets out about your speech they'll be building statues all across Kansas in your honor.

  5. Haha, I won't take credit for Kansas winning it all. Hell, I didn't have enough confidence in my prediction to pick them myself (I only said they would make it to the title game).

    Although an lsouth statue on campus would fit in nicely with the wonderful Jayhawk hoops tradition.

    I also said Kansas would win because Danny Manning was their assistant coach and it was the 20th anniversary of his magical run to the title in '88.

    I need to stop making predictions before I run out of luck, bet all your money against my NBA picks.

  6. I'm going with my original pick, Celtics in 7. Who knew?