Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh yeah, that primary that we waited 6 weeks for...

So for the record I'd guess that Hillary will win by 8% tonight, which won't really matter, cause she can't win the nomination anyway. And by can't win, I mean she can't win unless some unforeseen crazy event alters the race... or the superdelegates overrule the popular vote and the democratic party is destroyed(a pretty crazy event in itself). Now that we've got that straight, lets recap what really matters tonight:
  1. Game 7 of Caps-Flyers
  2. If Hillary Clinton somehow manages to win by 20% of the vote.
Since there's a 100% chance of event #1 occurring, and a almost 0% chance of event #2 occurring, you can guess what will have my attention tonight. I've got a feeling that Hillary Clinton's lying, scare tactics and war-mongering will still be there in the morning... here's hoping the caps are too.


  1. fuck man, i was at work for the game..tracking on tarik's insider the entire night..i taped it though, and if eel that i have to see it to the bitter end..


    as for hilary..looking like 9-10%
    Good for her...all that media blitz and money spent, and nothing

  2. i almost forgot..

    I saw Kweisi Mfume at work today. I tore his ticket....then I realized who it was and why he looked familiar..