Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reason #193 Why I love Alex Ovechkin

From Tarik El-Bashir's chat today over at the post:

Arlington, Va.: Explain to me the logic of moving Ovie down in front of the net? Why take the puck away from the game's most dangerous sniper? We need him to shoot the puck, not set up for deflections.

Tarik El-Bashir: I was told that Ovechkin actually volunteered to go in front.

Not saying that I don't agree with the question, but it's that type of leadership and commitment that will make him one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Update: Why not add reasons 194 and 195 while were at it:

Oh yeah, and speaking of game 6, I should mention that even though there isn't video of it online yet, Mike Green's Scott Stevens-esque stickless hip check was poetry in motion. Game 7 is too intense to think about rationally right now, so if you want a real preview check out J.P.'s spot as always.


  1. in basketball, when a star player is struggling, people always say the best thing to do is keep shooting & playing like nothing is different until they break out of their rut. i think that theory is nonsense. it makes sense to me that Ovie would alter his role in order to help the team fill a need. plus, i think the Flyers had his normal game in check. not that his goals last night came directly from this, but i think switching up his role made it harder for philly to take him out of his game.

  2. Good point, E. The theory about good shooters keep shooting is nonsense. The idea behind it is good (you don't want a kid to destroy his confidence), but if someone is really struggling, he'll shoot your team out of a game and take chances away from other scorers. It's better to get yourself going by getting to the free throw line or getting an easy put back off the offensive glass. It seems that by switching up his role to help the team, Ovie got himself going.