Thursday, April 24, 2008

DC Train of Thought: The Official Beijing 2008 Olympics Celebration Station!

Over the last few weeks the world has witnessed rising excitement and anticipation for the Summer Games in Beijing. As a fever for the new competitive games of Torch Extinguishing and Placard Waving followed the Olympic Flame on its journey around the world, China has shown a cool commitment to running a professional, well-managed show. Indeed, with new sports arenas being built at breakneck speed, with factories being shut down to help clear the air, and with human rights enjoying a great leap forward, it seems like the PRC
really has thought of it all!

It was only a few days ago that I realized that there IS something they've forgotten. If the Chinese want to show the world a truly human face that will bring home the idea of The New China as the everyone tunes in for the games, they need to choose a poster child! Now while I'm sure that the Chinese are already working to rectify this oversight, I figured I'd go ahead and make the pitch for my choice: Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the eleventh Panchem Lama!

Yes indeed, a cute face to plaster on posters all over the world! May as
well get the most use out of them and make them missing posters as well, because the reason that we don't have a more recent picture of the kid is because he's been missing for over a decade. I'm positive the Chinese Communist Party will own up and tell everyone where he is some day soon, although then they'll have to figure out what to do with the false Panchem Lama they openly forced the Tibetans to accept instead.

Some people might say that he isn't the best choice for spot, but... well, it takes a village to raise a child. Actually, in this case I suppose it would be more accurate say it takes an authoritarian government to kidnap a spiritual leader and replace him with a puppet. Still, I suppose this may be overly cynical. Coming soon: another contender for Beijing 2008 poster child.


  1. my name ain't boy. it's hand banana... Jack's on board, this blog just keeps getting bigger, faster, stronger, better. thanks man for writing more on this subject, i really have wanted to learn more about it. hot stuff, buddy

  2. Welcome Jack, I'm looking forward to the views and analysis you'll bring to these parts. Also, since it's definitely something we'll be writing more about, I think we should come up with an appropriate logo to go with the similar themed Beijing posts that we'll be writing.

    Judging from our past work I have a feeling we'll come up with something good.