Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caps back from the dead - a few quick thoughts

There is no greater defining moment in sports than a Game 7. As J said earlier today, I will be able to express very few actual rational thoughts on tonight's game at the Verizon Center, so I will offer some quick hits:
  • You just had the feeling that the longer this series dragged on, the more likely it was that Alex Ovechkin would have a breakout game. That game finally arrived last night and there really isn't anyone else you would want to score two critical goals on the road.
  • This team has thrived all year with its back against the wall. Really, the Capitals started performing in this series when they were backed into a corner down 3-games-to-1. Psychologically, now all the pressure is off Washington and pushed squarely to the Flyers. How will they handle it?
  • The Caps are historically bad in Game 7's, with an all-time record of just 1-4, but that one win came against Philadelphia in 1988 after (you guessed it) overcoming a 3-1 series deficit.

That win in 1988 created what is arguably the greatest defining moment in Capitals' franchise history. As JP said on his blog, it might be kind of cliche to put it up, but really, how could I not do it? Without further ado, the series-winning overtime goal in Game 7 20 years ago that sent Caps fans into delirium and Dale Hunter into the hockey annals:

Finally, I want to thank the NHL for not making me wait one whole extra day for Game 7. Genius.

Sadly, the news is not all good, since as good as things have gone for the Caps, they have been equally as bad for the Wizards. They need to mount a huge response in Game 3 and 4 or else they are in serious trouble. Tonight will also see the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary take place. I have no idea what will happen but let's hope that tonight can effectively end Hillary's nomination bid and we can get back to focusing on boring things like sports and music. Much more on all of this to come in the following days... LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!

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