Friday, January 21, 2011

Time To Cash Out

A few weeks ago Obama said something about the sacrifice Robert Gibbs made serving as his press secretary for the "modest wage" of $172,000 a year. As someone who thinks that $172,000 a year is a shitload of money and pretty far from "modest", those comments enraged me.

However, this was before I found out the tremendous sacrifice new chief of staff Bill Daley was making to serve our government. (via Americablog)
William Daley, President Barack Obama’s new chief of staff, filed a notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission today to sell 186,190 shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co. that he valued at almost $8.3 million.

The approximate date of sale was listed in the filing as today and comes as Daley, a former JPMorgan executive, divests his holdings to work at the White House.

Daley’s last day as a vice chairman at JPMorgan was Jan. 7. He resigned from the boards of Boeing Co. and Abbott Laboratories the same day.
Oh. Well at least he earned that money at JP Morgan doing good honest work wrongly foreclosing on the houses of military families.

So Bill Daley gets 8.3 Million dollars to supplant the "modest wage" he'll make at the Whitehouse, which is a hell of a lot more than those military families  that JP Morgan screwed over can say.

What a world.

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