Friday, January 7, 2011

If the Answer is Bill Daley, What Was The Question?

Apparently Obama's qualifications  for chief of staffs is that they be the people most responsible for pushing through NAFTA :
William M. Daley has the deep political experience one would expect in a top White House hire: scion of a Chicago political dynasty, adviser to numerous presidential candidates, former Cabinet secretary who also relishes exerting influence behind the scenes.

But in turning to Daley as his new chief of staff on Thursday, President Obama was looking as much at the other pages of his resume. With extensive experience as a businessman and Wall Street executive, Daley comes to the administration positioned to help the president rebuild his frayed relationship with the corporate world.
Discussion of why he sucks here and here.

While agreeing that he sucks, hope that he'll friendlier to liberals in the role of gatekeeper here.

The fact that the White House seems to be more concerned with the optics of "Obama is mean to big business" than "Obama hires career wall street servant as number two" is pretty troubling to say the least.

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  1. JJ I'm going to go home and kill a number of not-quite-helpless fictitious aliens now in order to relieve the stress from the annoying realities you continue to post on this website that I'm checking instead of doing my work... ok I'm done with work at this point anyway. Still.

    May their screams and the bursts of confetti as I shoot them in their fictitious heads haunt your dreams. And Daley's. It'll probably be more confusing for Daley since I'm guessing he doesn't play Halo.