Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Destruction of the Democratic Party Averted

Dumbest political move in history avoided for now, if this article is to be believed:
President Obama has decided not to endorse his deficit commission's recommendation to raise the retirement age, and otherwise reduce Social Security benefits, in Tuesday's State of the Union address, cheering liberals and drawing a stark line between the White House and key Republicans in Congress.

Over the weekend, the White House informed Democratic lawmakers and advocates for seniors that Obama will emphasize the need to reduce record deficits in the speech, but that he will not call for reducing spending on Social Security - the single largest federal program - as part of that effort.

Liberals, who have been alarmed by Obama's recent to shift to the center and his effort to court the nation's business community, applauded the decision, arguing that Social Security cuts are neither necessary to reduce current deficits nor a wise move politically. Polls show that large majorities of Americans in both parties - even in households that identify themselves as part of the tea party movement - oppose cuts to Social Security.

"Most of us would like to see the Democrats remain the strong defenders of Social Security, which they have to be if they want to win the next election," said Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America's Future.

Administration officials said Obama is unlikely to specifically endorse any of the deficit commission's recommendations in the speech, but cautioned that he is unlikely to rule them off the table, either. On Social Security, for example, he is likely to urge lawmakers to work together to make the program solvent, without going into details, according to congressional sources.
That last paragraph still makes me nervous because as I said a few weeks ago:
Reminder: When Social Security cuts are proposed, it will be to "save" or "fix" SS. No one is dumb enough to actually say they're cutting it
While I'm thrilled Obama won't be using his biggest stage as president to announce cuts to social security, that last paragraph from "administration officials" is hardly something to celebrate either.

The way that he's using the right's crisis rehtoric about social security isn't helpful, and the fact we're even having to worry about this is fucking infuriating.

How he actually addresses this/doesn't address it during tomorrow's state of the union will be one of the biggest subplots. And you can follow those developments and more.... with our STATE OF THE UNION LIVEBLOG!!!


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