Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Not About His Birth Certificate

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie may have good intentions, but further proving that Obama is a US citizen won't do anything to stop the birthers.  Jason Linkins has the right idea here:
The flaw in Abercrombie's thinking is that he believes this is a matter that can be laid to rest. But the birthers already believe in an ornate conspiracy, spanning many generations of bipartisan officials on the local, state, and federal level, to conceal the heritage of a biracial child in order to install him in the White House for ... well, for kicks, I guess! Given that they already successfully contain all that derangement inside their cranial cavities, there's really no big reveal Abercrombie can offer that won't simply be seamlessly incorporated as component of this bonkers theory.
These people are crazy is shit. They don't like Obama. Based on the evidence and the type of smears that gain traction, I would say that a large portion of this stuff is about race. And even if it's not, these are the same people that genuinely thought Bill Clinton murdered people during his administration, so it's not like they're operating rationally.

Unless Obama stops being a Democrat or being black, it's hard to see any of this stuff subsiding.

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