Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Train of Thought Bizarro Field Trip: Free Republic Doesn’t Care About Christian People

Two weeks ago we saw Free Republic burning with righteous passion after a number of soldiers were killed by US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Their responses came down to either killing or deporting any/all Muslims. This weekend four police officers were killed by Maurice Clemmons, a man who told his family that he was Jesus. A quick look around Free Republic shows that they haven’t begun calling for the end of Christianity in America yet, but I’m sure they’ll start soon. Until then we’re going to try an experiment: posts used for previous Field Trips will be slightly rewritten to reflect the specifics of this latest news story.

Tex Pete starts the thread after news of four killed policemen shows up on the news, and begins speculation:

He probably is a Christie, IMO.

Paige becomes irate when media buffoons refuse to mention the religion of the shooter:

HEY brain dead MEDIA MORONS, he’s a CHRISTIAN, the guy who gunned down a doctor is a CHRISTIAN, stop with the PC BS.

SunkenCiv is tired of seeing Christians get away with killing after killing:

Dropping an asteroid on ‘em would pretty much fix all these problems. Smaller ‘roids would fix each of the Christie states.

Doc1019 isn’t playing by your rules anymore:

The back end of my toilet faces Bethlehem … there, take that Jesus.

Phrogphlyer is angry at Huckabee for releasing Clemmons, and has come up with a better solution for any Christians in our prison system:

deserted islands.......Low tide....pier pilings..... crabs......barnacles.....sharks....industrial strength cop tie wraps.......works for me....

Diana B wants Obama to own up to his murderous Christian heritage:

Hahaha! That's really funny. WE are watching the terrorists -- AND LOOK WHERE THEY ARE: “OBAMA PUTS CHRISTIANS IN THE WHITE HOUSE” by World Net Daily

Vladimir998 knows what the only good Christian is:

I’m no fan of the Chi-coms, but I have to admit that they know how to deal with Christians. They kill them.

HiTech RedNeck stops beating it to pictures of Abu Ghraib to drop this post on us:

Sometimes the Chinese also torture them.

Markos33 delivers another vote for executing all Christians:

The ChiComs wouldn’t play around with the jesus freaks... they’ll send them to meet their master.

Mathurine doesn’t understand why anyone would ever say that about such a benign group of people:

Why would anyone do that to the lovable and engaging Christian terrorists? All they want to do is live peacefully with the people they subjugate, whilst executing your occasional backslider.

I’m willing to bet that even Freepers themselves would recognize all of those posts as hate speech. But when they themselves posted those things about Muslims it was all fun and games! In a serious way, though, because of course everyone knows that you can’t trust a member of the vile Mohammedan race.

Here’s to the day when these guys finally realize that their pathetic tribalism is something they should be ashamed of, not something they should proudly parade around. I’m sure they’ll have this epiphany any moment now- ahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahha, yeah right. The guy from Little Green Footballs found out his posts were being used by European neo-Nazis and turned left, which earned him the unending scorn of his former conservative peers. Turns out the right doesn’t appreciate the… what was the term they used? “Occasional backslider.”


  1. LGF abandoning the current conservative movement is pretty stunning. When I got into political blogs (2003 or so) they were one of the biggest and most popular right wing sites.

    Something I've wondered myself about how depressing it must be to be an actual conservative. As bad as things are being a liberal in the democratic party, at least we're fighting corporate whores, rather than racists, conspiracy theorists and wanna-be fascists. You could see how those types of crazies running the show would push you over the edge.

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  4. "Here’s to the day when these guys finally realize that their pathetic tribalism is something they should be ashamed of, not something they should proudly parade around." My favorite part.

    Also, JN, prince? I knew you were hiding something.

  5. JN, Monica says she will give up "all her morals and values" (direct quote) now that you are rich. Why does she think you have to be without morals to keep your company?

  6. It seems whenever the crime is perpetrated by a muslim it's an act of terrorism, and whenever it's perpetrated by a christian it's an act of an insane loner.

    I can just imagine all the crickets chirping when Lieberman suggests this was an act of terrorism.

    "A christian you say?? Did I just say terrorism, nooooo. I said insanity. Clearly insanity."

  7. OK, I think I get it. If you believe in Jesus you can not be a terrorist because the devil is actually responsible for all the bad things you do. Wait, does Islam have a devil?...

  8. kari- probably because thats a thing i always tell her. 'gotta give up all your values and morals to keep my company,' thats what i always say.

    niko- yeah, i think the fort hood shooting and this police officer killing is a really good example of how people interpret these things.

    nimsofa- christianity is a religion of peace! christians basically don't do any wrong, true scotsman fallacy, etc.

  9. But what about the Spanish Inquisition?