Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Then There Was Liebercare...

Sometime after 7 AM tomorrow, the Senate will pass Joe Lieberman's health care bill. It's pretty terrible (an analysis of the details here) and there's a huge debate within the progressive community over what to do about the bill. The fight isn't over since the bill will go to conference committee and unlike the Senate, the House actually passed a good bill.

We'll see how this turns out. The most likely out come is that the progressives will get rolled by Harry Reid and the White House, and the final bill will look remarkably similar to the Senate bill that will pass tomorrow.

If that's the case, I'd find myself in opposition to the biggest piece of legislation proposed by a president that I proudly worked my ass off to help elect.

Not fun times.



  1. gonna start emailing lamont begging him to take up the fight once more in 2012, Things Will Be Different This Time

  2. "the taste of hope still lingers on my lips..."book of Talon, psalm * paragraph 11