Friday, December 4, 2009

Republican Roadmap To Winning Afghanistan

After reading so much Republican fury directed towards the 18 month departure date, I tried to simulate their solution. It was pretty difficult because, like with the health care reform debate, the right has yet to offer any substantive ideas of its own. Still, the various talking heads and conservative thinkers have given me a lot to work with over the last few days. Behold the Republican Plan:

Continue this cycle until everyone in the Middle East is dead, or until the Taliban gets bored and takes up knitting as an alternative to fighting the great satan. Note that this isn't their appraisal of the current situation- this is what they see as the optimal decision. They're mad at Obama for not doing this.  There are plenty of godawful politicians in the Democratic party, but the right is still an entirely unreasonable entity right now.


  1. Think you could get me this as a poster for my living room?

  2. nah, that painting of the sun is too glorious to have my mspaintings on the same wall.