Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Why do people treat the Democratic base like a bunch of suckers?

Frankly, because a lot of them are. Tremayne at Openleft has a nice recap of the health care debate:
Let's review the health care debate of 2009.

Democratic base: We demand X.

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: That's dead on arrival.

Democratic base: There's strong support for X.

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I don't support it and there aren't enough votes anyway. Maybe I'll consider a Jiggered X.

Democratic base: We can't accept a Jiggered X. How about an opti-X?

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: We need to slow down and get this right. I think maybe I can support an opti-X.

Democratic base: Yay! We no longer demand X. Opti-X it is!

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I cannot support Opti-X.

Democratic base: Wait, you said...

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I said I'd think about it which I did. And I'm against it.

Democratic base: Jiggered X?

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I'd strongly consider it.

Democratic base: (grumble) Fine, okay.

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I cannot support Jiggered X. How about Expandicare?

Democratic base: (grrrr) Fine, that has some merit. We no longer demand X or opti-X or Jiggered opti-X. Instead, we demand Expandicare!

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: Sorry, I can't support Expandicare.

Democratic base: What! Why?

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: You accepted it, there must be something wrong with it. Besides, I never said I'd vote for it.

Democratic base: But you suggested it.

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: I suggest a lot of things. Like this: drop Expandicare and I'll strongly consider not filibustering.

Democratic base: Yay! Let's do it.

Sen. LieberNelsnowe: Suckers.
Reading the rec list at dailykos these days will drive you a bit insane. You get good diaries there to remind you that not everyone's lost the plot, but the good ones are often quickly rebutted with more popular diaries like "Listen to Obama and shut up" and "Joe Lieberman IS change we need".

Wish I could paint a nicer picture, but these are not good times.

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  1. hahah, "LieberNelsnowe"

    on the other hand, argh, LieberNelsnowe :(