Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down Goes Cerrato!

If you would have asked me yesterday what chance there was of the Redskins firing Vinny Cerrato, I probably would've said 5%. Maybe I would go as high as 10% if this season had ended and the Skins failed to win any of their final three games. This was a man that was immediately disposed of when Marty Schottenheimer came to town, then instantly brought back and promoted when Schottenheimer was fired. During Dan Snyder's decade of futility, Cerrato was present for nine years, acting as a puppet GM which allowed Snyder to make all the personnel decisions.

I didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell that Cerrato would be gone after this season.

This is why today isn't just a wonderful, joyous miraculous occasion, it is hereby a Redskins national holiday. Today is Vinny Day; enjoy it, Redskins fans. My franchise has hope once again.

All of Snyder's sins are not forgiven, and in my book, the Burgundy Revolution is not over. What this does, though, is pave the way for an actual legitimate coach to come here to replace Jim Zorn, not some suck-ass yes man who'll defer to the owner.

Danny Boy also didn't hurt his standing with Skins fans at all by naming Bruce Allen the new General Manager. Yes, his title is actually GM, and he is the son of Skins coaching legend George Allen. He grew up in the Washington area as a Redskins fan, and he has spent his entire life working in football. He didn't have the greatest success when he held the same title in Tampa Bay from 2004-2008, but he did a great job of using the salary cap efficiently in that role.

Judgement is still reserved until we see how the rest of this scenario plays out. But, I gotta say... today was a good day. I'll let Ice Cube take it from here...

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