Monday, July 27, 2009

John Yoo v. Brilliant, Tasteless Pranksters

I've long wondered why John Yoo is teaching at UC Berkeley. Barring prison, it at least seems like he shouldn't be teaching. But if he can get a job teaching, how and why did he end up at Berkeley?

This video sheds some unsurprising but hilarious light on how it's going. And since I was on campus myself just yesterday, it seems particularly timely:

My favorite part is that the class applauds.

EDIT: This Glenn Greenwald piece about a letter by UC Law Dean William Orrick helps explain Berkeley's willingness to hire Yoo: the school's desire to defend and cement academic free speech transcends just about everything else.

EDIT II: Whoops, J.N. already posted this.


  1. Famous nate's hotdog consortium7/27/09, 5:45 PM

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  2. whoah, how'd I miss that?

    Sorry JN. Your dibs.

  3. hahahha damn you 6.54, this means Train War

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