Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Israel Being Israel, Part 2

To continue from a post JJ made a few weeks ago, we have this wonderful piece of news:

JERUSALEM — Israeli combat soldiers have
acknowledged that they forced
Palestinian civilians to serve as human shields,
needlessly killed unarmed Gazans and improperly
used white phosphorus shells to burn down
buildings as part of Israel's three-week military
offensive in the Gaza Strip last winter.
Gee I sure am glad we keep giving Israel weapons and encouraging the government to use them! It's also still a mystery as to how Palestinians could possibly have come to dislike Israel.

Oh, on the other hand the IDF swears that these soldiers (and Palestinian and international witnesses to such acts) are totally making it up:

The Israel Defense Forces dismissed the report.

In April, the IDF announced it had concluded five
high-level investigations, including one into the
use of phosphorus to burn down buildings, and
cleared itself.
Hahaha it cleared itself, well that surely must be the end of that chapter! The IDF only takes second place for 'most ironically-named military,' however, after another one I'll reveal soon.

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