Monday, September 29, 2008

Best. Monday. Ever.

Some of you may have checked the blog this morning and asked, "No Case of the Mondays, what gives? You remember, that weekly feature you promised us?" Well, the reason is that The Train of Thought DOES NOT in fact, have a case of the Mondays! The Redskins whooped Dallas' ass and nothing makes me happier on a Monday morning than C*wb*ys fans having to eat crow.

Add to it that it was the final meeting between the Skins and Cowgirls in horrible Texas Stadium, the backdrop of so many nightmares over the course of my life. Also add in that Dallas was previously undefeated and not only was there an extra pep in my step today, but I literally ran at a full sprint to work and burst directly through the plate glass doors.

It is for this reason that The Train is in a celebratory mood today (and probably for the rest of the week). I now present to you a song about the aforementioned whooping. 3-1, baby!

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