Thursday, September 25, 2008

Background on the Bailout

Not enough time to backtrack completely, but here are a few articles on the bailout and recent events:
  • A background on the financial crisis, and how it relates to John McCain. (Kos also called this the best thing ever written on his site in it's history)
  • A good graph on executive pay:
  • No time for a full post, but let's just go ahead and give this guy the Joe Buck Disgusting Act of the Week. I love it when conservatives accidentally say what they actually mean.
  • What the hell is Warren Buffet doing? This definitely fails every possible smell test, and we'd be flipping our shits if this was a McCain adviser. I don't care how progressive he is on some things, he needs to be dropped from Obama's team immediately for appearances sake if nothing else.
  • Dean Baker has progressive conditions for a bailout.
  • As of now, there may be a deal on the bailout proposal. The statements coming from the democratic leadership sound an awful lot like their usual routine of excepting essentially the entire GOP bill with several minor changes, and then declaring victory. I'll have more later, but at the moment it's not looking great.

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