Friday, September 26, 2008

The Official Train of Thought Guide to the Presidential Debates

And by guide I mean drinking game. They're holding them on a Friday night, what were you really expecting something else?

Your drink for this evening:

Rumsfeld and Coke (Credit to Tushara)

-1 Part Coke
-1.5 Parts Rum

Description: The Rumsfeld and Coke is ill-advised and poorly planned. It's a preemptive strike on your liver, usually with disastrous and unforeseen consequences. It's either with you or against you. If you don't have coke, you can always find another mixer for your Rumseld. You make your drink with the mixers you have, not with the ones you would like to have.

The Rules

Take a drink each time:

-Either John McCain or Barack Obama blames something on too much partisanship, or calls for more Bi-partisanship.

-Either candidate mentions the need for "change"

-John McCain says "my friends" or "friends"

-John McCain talks about how "the surge" worked.

-If Barack Obama talks about how "the surge" worked, drink three times, because you're going to need it.

-Obama puts George Bush and McCain in the same sentance.

-McCain references his time as a POW

-Obama compliments McCain for his service to the country

-McCain references how he suspended his campaign to deal with the economic crisis

-Either McCain or Obama goes over their allowed time, and as the moderator tries to cut them off they say "wait let me finish, this is important"

-Either one of the candidates professes their love for the country of Georgia.

-Either candidate mentions General Petraeus, and their fondness for him.

-John McCain vaguely mentions "reform" or "regulation" as if he supports them.

-Obama says something happened for Wall Street, but not for main street.

-The moderator asks Obama to defend or attack a statement made by another black person.

-Obama mentions Phil Gramm, the Keating 5 scandal, or McCain's love of Deregulation (PLEASE!)


Add any suggestions to the comments, I'll be adding more as I think of them.

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