Monday, March 25, 2013

Still Fighting the Good, Bigoted Fight!

(Young person who opposes gay marriage, about to say something stupid)

I found this article on the a group of youngish emo morons who have dedicated their life to oppressing gay people pretty hilarious. A few choice quotes:
“The primary challenge that our side faces right now is the intense social pressure,” said Joseph Backholm, 34, the executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington. “To the extent that the other side is able to frame this as a vote for gay people to be happy, it will be challenging for us.”
Boy, if that's the problem, I'm guessing it will be challenging then! Telling people they don't have the same human rights as everyone else tends to make them unhappy!

To put it another way, opponents of same-sex marriage say they must argue in favor of traditional marriage, not against gay people or gay rights. “It’s really a broader defense of marriage and a stronger marriage culture,” said Will Haun, 26, a lawyer and member of the Federalist Society.
We plan on fighting for a "stronger marriage culture" by preventing people who love each other from getting married. Good plan!
“Proponents of same-sex marriage have done a fantastic job of telling the story of same-sex marriage through music and television and film,” said Eric Teetsel, 29, the executive director of the Manhattan Declaration, which describes itself as a movement of Christians for life, marriage and religious freedom. “I think it’s really a case where once they hear the other side of the issue, and really think about it deeply, we’re going to win a lot of those folks back.”
Human beings have done a good job being human beings, showing other human beings that they too, are in fact human beings. Our plan is to tell the other side of the issue: that they are not human beings.

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  1. I don't know where or how you find these people. But I'm glad you do. I hope they have signs that read "Gay people aren't really people!" (written in glitter)