Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mint The Sad Obama Coin. It's time.

As a fan of economist Stephanie Kelton I've known about the weird platinum coin loophole for some time. For those who aren't familiar, the treasury has the right to mint a platinum coin of any denomination. There has been a movement in recent weeks from some mainstream outlets to use a trillion dollar coin to pay down the deficit to avoid the debt ceiling. This is completely logical and should be done. However doing it would reversal from the DC establishment which has spent the last __ years convincing themselves and others that the deficit is a real and urgent crisis.

But most importantly, it made the morons at the NRCC create this incredible Photoshop:

Look, I'm not even going to focus on the fact that the person that made this doesn't understand how money works (as JN joked with me last night "What do they think paper is worth? How do they think you create the difference between $5 paper and $20 paper???").

I'm more concerned with the awesomeness of this photoshop. A sad Obama coin (with spending etched around the edges) sinking the titanic. It checks all the boxes. Distilled greatness.


  1. I demand you change the layout of your blog to reflect this kind of greatness. That is all.

  2. what goes on the other side of the coin? Sad Boehner?