Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chained CPI: The Only Purpose is Cutting Benefits

When someone as powerful as Obama continuously floats a conservative proposal, there will always be an endless parade of Democratic hacks saying really stupid shit to justify whatever he did. Since Obama doesn't want people going around and pointing out that his proposal to cut Social Security would impoverish/kill old people, I can understand why these people exist, but it doesn't mean we need to listen.

Nancy Pelosi saying it was about strengthening Social Security was about as intellectually honest as saying that eliminating Social Security altogether would make it the STRONGEST PROGRAM IN HISTORY. Some douche on NPR the other morning claimed it was a more accurate representation of inflation, while Dean Baker points out if they wanted an accurate measure of inflation for the elderly one is being developed. And if they used a measure of inflation for the elderly it would certainly mean more generous benefits because of how much of their income goes to medical expenses.

It is about one thing: Cutting Social Security benefits. Nothing else. And yes, this remains the case even if it's greatest supporter is President Obama.

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