Monday, February 13, 2012

People Won't Always Agree!

Atrios really nails this:
Everybody in DC needs to stop this fantasy that if only we find all the magic compromises then people will stop caring about this stuff. I'm not religious, but if I genuinely had beliefs that those in the Church profess to have, I wouldn't be happy with some sort of compromise. Why the hell would I? I'd be fighting to outlaw contraception completely if I thought it was strategically reasonable to do so within a broader agenda.
There is a sense that if each side moves a little close to the other person's position, then all differences can be worked out. This may be true when your friends are debating where to go for dinner, but in politics any decision you make is going to piss some people off, no matter what. People who oppose contraception aren't going to like this agreement or you! It's ok, they represent an extreme viewpoint held by 2% of the population! Tell them to suck it and move on!


  1. Seriously. I've never hated the idea of compromise more than I do since moving here...The definition should be changed to compromise, where everybody goes home unhappy.

  2. Yeah, it drives me insane. Compromising just takes on a completely different meaning here, and most of the time it's just celebrating compromise for the sake of compromise, with no concern about what actually happened in the deal.

    Very similar to the idiotic "if it's bipartisan, it must be good" philosophy.

  3. Bipartisan: adj, having the support of both major political parties and none of their constituency.