Friday, February 17, 2012

Attention Women: These 5 Men Know What's Best

The GOP Panel on birth control: (yes, they're debating BIRTH CONTROL!)


  1. hey, they have both men AND dudes! Diversity!

  2. I'm kind of jazzed a man of color was included. Hey, it's improvement.

    JJ, you sound like an irrational woman. They debating the rights of religious organizations to dictate whether their female employees can have their birth control covered. Completely different. It is all about where you put the emphasis. Also, worth nothing the Republicans blocked the woman Dems wanted to testify and one guy pro the Obama Admin's compromise had to give written testimony.

  3. wow, some serious sexism in this thread. are you guys saying that men aren't qualified to make decisions about birth control based because of their gender? wow. cool.