Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rick Perry 4 Prez 4 Realz

Maybe the South will get some ideas and try seceding again and Mr. Let's Dissolve This Union will let them get away with it? That'd solve 95% of the problems our nation faces pretty much overnight, and we'd also get the same constant amusement and happiness from living next to a failed state that I imagine South Koreans get. They're amused and happy about it, right?

Anyway apparently Perry is trying to be even crazier than your generic Republican/Democratic politician about Israel, and Salon quotes him as saying:

Perry also called for the shutting down of the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Washington if the U.N. recognizes a state of Palestine.

That's actually really helpful of him, because if Palestine is recognized as a state then they get their own embassy, right? I hereby move that the Embassy of Palestine should thank Perry by mailing him a large beautifully-framed printout of goatse after they make the move to Washington DC. That is, if America doesn't go maverick and veto the thing, which is just the kind of braindead thing we would do thanks to politicians like Rick Perry.


  1. Unless someone else enters the race I think its gonna be Perry vs Obama.

  2. @nimsofa... I think that's probably right.

    JN, awesome post. His remarks were terrifying, partially because he clearly had no clue what he was talking about. In fairness that's true about 90% of the AIPAC owned politicians, but still disturbing nonetheless.

  3. Perry Romney 2012. I am calling it right here and now. Any takers?