Friday, September 23, 2011

"No One In This Country Got Rich On Their Own"

This video of Elizabeth Warren is incredible, and is important viewing:

We haven't launched the 2012 site yet, but she will be our first Train Action candidate when we do.

I was nervous about her running in a tight race in Massachusetts in an incredibly bad economy, but she has swept all my doubts aside. Besides, being in the senate will give her good experience for her 2016 presidential campaign. Not even joking about that one.

The right understands the power of her message, and that's why they've already started trying to tear her down with everything they have. The amount of money and energy the wealtest companies in this country and their protectors will spend to defeat her be like nothing we've ever seen. But it's ok, she is that good, and she's worth fighting for.

As depressing as this blog is sometimes discussing the corruption and corporate takeover of the Democratic party, people like her give you reason to believe. She is the real deal. You don't get such amazing advocates of a fiery populist message very often, so get ready to start hearing a lot more about her.

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