Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Sick, Then Die Quickly

Remember when the national media collectively got the vapors because Alan Grayson had audacity to point out the effects of the GOP's health care plan? For those who don't remember:

And his amazing non-apology:

Now, last night, CNN hosted a Tea Party debate for all the republican candidates. Ron Paul was asked about a hypothetical man who had a job, but didn't have health insurance, but suddenly gets ill are requires a lot of care. When pressed further about whether society should just "let him die", the crowd takes over and their response speaks for itself:

This is the Republican healthcare plan: Get sick, die quickly. Between cheering the number of executions in Texas last week and this, it has been an unpleasant reminder that we have some really sick fucks in this country of ours...


  1. What did you guys at the train think about Ron Paul's idea of getting rid of the way we do the licensing medical professionals to open up competition with alternative medicine?

    I thought this was a good idea until I realized this opens up the market to say that anyone could consider anything "alternative" medicine and there would be even more battling for the individual with insurance companies over coverage.

  2. Oh my god, I really hate libertarians. The liberal media better jump all over the "let them die 2012" campaign.