Monday, September 12, 2011

I Just Watched Super 8

And I really have to know... what is the deal with JJ Abrams and lense flares?! The man seriously just can't control himself. In the Star Trek movie from last year or whenever, sure, ok, it's the future, where apparently every single indoor location is blindingly bright and white. Like an Apple Store, but somehow even more hellish. But Super 8 is set in Michigan in the 70s, not exactly a time and place renowned for its futuristic sheen.

Abrams- What is the deal with them lense flares? What are you doing? Please leave your reply in the comments.


  1. Come back! I want more lens flair posts, although I don't know how you had time for this with the 4000/post a day pace you've established at the China hotline. Keep it up!

  2. Mr. Abrams, you didn't explain the lens flares yet. By "Come back!" do you mean that the lens flares are just a misguided, desperate plea for J.N. to return from China?

  3. haha, 4000 posts a day is just the beginning, i have not yet begun to post.

    btw is yo gmail account working

  4. You can't film with a Super 8 without a lot of lens flares. Everyone knows that.

    BTW that movie had an awesome beginning. I was really into right up until the alien crap.