Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well, He'd Basically Have It Coming

Pure Class:
From Georgia, the Athens Banner-Herald reports that at a townhall meeting Tuesday night Republican Rep. Paul Broun was asked by a person in the audience when — or who, depending on the person doing the reporting — someone is going to shoot President Obama.

Two things about what happened next stand out:
— The question "got a big laugh," the newspaper reports.
— Broun, his press secretary confirmed, moved on. "Obviously, the question was inappropriate, so Congressman Broun moved on," spokeswoman Jessica Morris told the Banner-Herald.
He moved on after condemning the question right?

Nope. His response:
The thing is, I know there's a lot of frustration with this president. We're going to have an election next year. Hopefully, we'll elect somebody that's going to be a conservative, limited-government president that will take a smaller, who will sign a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Real profiles in courage stuff, Rep Broun.

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  1. You'd think they'd realize shooting President Obama would result in a President Biden. And he's pro-women. So it could be worse for the GOP.