Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"I Don't Need Your People"

Yikes. (via thinkprogress)
Delivering on his vision for a “new way,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) “is on pace to be the first governor since 1962 to have an entire Cabinet without any racial diversity.” Every one of his 22 full-time agency head appointments has been a white person. Only five are women. Dubbing diversity as “metrics that people tend to focus on,” Kasich said, “I can’t say I need to find somebody to fit this metric” because “it’s not the way I look at those things. I want the best possible team I can get.”

Yesterday, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus held a press conference to express their waning patience with his dismissive attitude and “implore[] Kasich to make better strides to diversify his Cabinet.” But according to State Senator Nina Turner (D-OH), this time Kasich’s response was a bit more blunt. According to Turner, when the caucus offered him help in finding qualified minority applicants, Kasich told Turner, “I don’t need your people“: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, your modern day Republican Party!


  1. Well, at least he's honest about it, right?

  2. He's honest he doesn't need people of any diversity because he feels nothing can be added from it. He's an ass.

  3. mostly unrelated: the RFK (I think) speech in the latest treasure fingers mixtape is super-awesome.