Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Do They Hate Trains?

This type of stuff just baffles me:
The newly elected Republican governor of Ohio, John Kasich, who ousted Ted Strickland, a Democrat, has also reiterated a campaign pledge to kill a $400 million stimulus-funded rail project in his state.

“Passenger rail is not in Ohio’s future,” Mr. Kasich said at his first news conference after the election. “That train is dead.”

Mr. Kasich had previously called the high-speed rail project the “dumbest idea” he had ever heard, saying that there was too little demand to justify its construction and that the state could not afford to operate it. Like his Wisconsin counterpart, he also said the rail money should be spent on roads.
You use your first press conference to celebrate that "Passenger rail is not in Ohio’s future"? Why should Ohio residents get excited about that?

It used to be that everyone would talk a good game about things like "renewable energy" and "high speed rail" and then just do the opposite when in office. These people are actively campaigning against the stuff, and winning!

What the fuck is wrong with everybody?

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