Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hey, Let's All Listen To Harold Ford!

The man who made a career out of losing elections continues to have great ideas:
Democratic Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford was on MSNBC this afternoon discussing today’s midterm elections and the implications for Democrats and President Obama should Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress. While Ford said he “loves” all the “wonderful feats” of the past two years, such as health insurance and financial reform, he said that the takeaway for Obama from a GOP victory today would be to extend the Bush tax cuts:
FORD: The reality is the country is worried about jobs, economic growth and our future. And there’s a belief that the President and his team have gone about this in a way that has not only not been pleasing to independents but has not gained the confidence of the country as it relates to their future and as it relates to the country feeling like we can compete and succeed going forward. Extend the Bush tax cuts, be willing to work with Republicans, push the reset button with the business community. I think these are the two or three tone changes. … They’ve got to send a clear message to the country, “We’ve heard the message. We are ready, not to give up on our goals, but to govern in a different way to achieve those goals.”
That sounds like a fantastic idea, Harold, and I'm sure you'll make it a top priority as the next senator from Tennessee New York go fuck yourself.

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