Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts On Last Night

Well, that was bad.

We've lost probably the best Senator I've seen during my lifetime.

Sestak and Grayson also lost...

Harry Reid is more skilled than most people give him credit for.

Not all bad, because the blue dogs got absolutely slaughtered.

With all the media love the teabaggers are getting, keep in mind that if it weren't for them, the GOP could have had 50 Senate seats (and then probably 51, with Lieberman flipping)


The pundits will all see this as a sign that Obama was too liberal.

Obama will see this as a sign that Obama was too liberal, and relish the chance to triangulate, Clinton style.

Issues he will be ok triangulating on:
-"Free Trade" agreements, starting with Korea
-Deficit commission reforms, even if the include Social Security or Medicare cuts.
-Further escalating Afghanistan

Even though Obama will push for it, the Republicans won't even want to let him triangulate, because it might not hurt him enough politically. They've made it clear, they're playing for 2012. And with that said...

The Republicans will shut down the government. What happens after that, I have absolutely no clue.

Anyone else have predictions on how this turns out?

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  1. If Obama is smart (and I think he is) he will adopt something that looks like the strategy laid out here:

    Let the Republican's show there true colors/love of big business.