Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning The Right Lessons

We're off to a flying start:
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he could have found a better balance between regulating businesses and making his support for the private sector clear.

Obama has faced accusations that his administration has been antibusiness. He said he realizes he needs to make clear to the business community, and the country, that the most important thing the administration can do is to boost and encourage the business sector and make sure businesses can hire.

He said setting the right tone publicly is important and could make a difference in how businesses decide to spend their money. The president said that setting that tone is one of the things he didn't manage as well as he needed to.
Clearly, unemployment is at nearly 10% because the captains of industry got their feelings hurt by President Obama, so they stopped hiring and started hoarding money.

Looking back at the first two years of the Obama Administration, I'm glad the takeaway is that they were too anti-business. Even with the growing evidence, I keep hoping against hope that no one in the Administration actually believes this shit.


  1. Don't blame me, I voted straight socialist ticket (with the exception of a gubernatorial vote for Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party).

  2. Well, you called it, JJ.

    Your prize is Sarah Palin for President in 2012. Your consolation prize for making an incorrect prediction would have been a war with Iran. And a Nobel peace prize.

  3. Jaypop your comment made me laugh, and then cry, a lot.