Monday, October 4, 2010

They Don't Like Taxing The Rich In Kentucky

The plan was to endorse Jack Conway as the next Train Action candidate. Maybe not:
No matter who Kentuckians elect to the Senate this fall, they're going to get an advocate for extending all the Bush tax cuts -- and not just those for the middle class. In their first (and likely only) nationally-televised debate of the race, Republican nominee Rand Paul and Democratic nominee Jack Conway disagreed on just about everything -- except for extending billions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at a time when government is struggling to shrink the deficit.

"I think that raising taxes -- we shouldn't be doing it in a time of recession," Conway said. "Listen, in 2002, when I was running for the United States Congress, I was for the Bush tax cuts then. I was one of the few Democrats that was for them and I think now we just ought to extend them."

So fucking stupid.


  1. well you see, blue dogs southern politics compromises ahfuehufhuighariuhgaieurhgjdfnvakmnejkas

  2. @JN I think I'm going to quote that in the future.