Friday, October 22, 2010

A Re-Endorsement Of Joe Sestak

In our primary endorsement we wrote this:
[Specter] fears for his job because Joe Sestak has balls of the size of grapefruits, and hasn't been intimidated by the calls/threats to drop out, even when they came from the President of the United States. For more information on the race, here's a Chris Bowers' endorsement, someone who has serious knowledge of Pennsylvania politics:
Sestak is an extraordinarily relentless campaigner--I have honestly never seen anyone better than him on this front. His constituent services are, from what I understand, possibly the best in the entire Congress. His biography and resume are difficult, if not impossible, to match. Further, he is significantly more progressive than Specter according to all voting scorecards. Also, despite the standing ovations in front of the party leadership, there was a stronger anti-Specter undercurrent at the state Democratic committee this weekend then I think most news reports are indicating. You are talking about hundreds of people who spent thirty years trying to defeat Specter, after all.
We defeated Specter and now we face Pat Toomey, the man who drove Arlen out of the Republican party. I'm sure Joe Sestak and I won't aggree on everything (who does?) during his time in the Senate, but he's already shown one thing that trumps almost anything. There are few characteristics more needed in the Senate's Democratic caucus that a willingness to stand up and fight for things you believe in. If Joe Sestak was willing to risk torpedoing his career in order to challenge Specter, something tells me it won't be the last time he takes a stand against powerful forces for something he believes in.

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  1. This is also an instance of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," since Pat Toomey is fucking horrifying. As a representative, he tried to go line-by-line through the NIH budget and scratch funding for specific grants that violated his preconceptions about morality. For example, studies that examined the connection between sexual behavior and the spread of HIV.

    I quote: "I simply want to make the point that there are so many far more important, very real diseases that are affecting real people, and that is what this kind of money should be used for."

    Fuck that guy.