Friday, October 22, 2010

Hey, Let's Make Shit Up For David Brooks!

Things that make JJ's mind explode with rage: (via Ezra)
DAVID BROOKS, NYT: Yes. Well, I shouldn’t have confessed this. He said this to me off the record about a year ago. But it hasn’t…

JIM LEHRER: Off the record? So, then you can’t talk about it.

DAVID BROOKS: Yes, because Peter Baker is a better journalist than I am, because I couldn’t get him to go on the record with that thing.

JIM LEHRER: He said this to you a year ago?

DAVID BROOKS: It was obvious. I mean, you are trying to build a stimulus package. And when they were trying to build it, believe me, they would have loved to have filled it with infrastructure jobs. But the projects just didn’t exist. They couldn’t do it. They couldn’t find them.
Ok, Barack. A few things:
  1. Shovel ready projects do exist.
  2. Infastructure projects do exist, like fucking hundreds of thousands of them.
  3. Not only do these projects exist, but they've been very successful in your own stimulus bill. 
  4. The actual reason people think the stimulus didn't work is because you wasted lots of money worthless on tax cuts because you though it would make the Republicans wuv you more.
  5. Apparently you think that whispering right wing talking points about the stimulus to David Brooks accomplishes something. I don't agree.
  6. Forget the echoing right wing talking points, why the fuck are you talking to David Brooks in the first place?
My brain hurts.

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