Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is Hard Work, Let's All Stop Trying

"We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas"

One of my favorite Douche Caucus habits is when they take a principled stance against doing their job:
Graham said that Democrats and Obama can't do anything to bring him back into the fold on either issue until after the elections, adding that it's "foolish" to try for comprehensive plans on either issue.

Obama made big promises today, working with members of Congress to repeat what he's said for months: that a broad climate/energy measure is necessary. But Graham is doubtful: "I don't think any serious observer thinks that this Congress is going to enact comprehensive energy and climate policy and immigration between now and November."

Graham added that if Obama tries to pass a cap and trade system without GOP support, that would lead to "failure for decades."

"They're not doing a good service to both issues, and both issues are important," Graham told reporters when asked about the president's dual efforts by TPMDC. "If you bring comprehensive immigration reform to the floor in this environment it will fail. It will fail miserably, and nobody will touch it for a decade and what you see in Arizona is going to happen throughout the country."
Shorter Lindsay Graham: I cares so much about these issues that we should stop trying to do anything about them because someone will get their feelings hurt people might find out I'm gay ...uggghh let's just all give up, this job is way too hard.

I really, really hate him.


  1. you've been killing it with the screengrabs as of late. so on point.

  2. Thanks man, I was proud of this find.

    Lousy beatniks!